Mine. Use. Waste. Repeat. This is unsustainable.


We use and waste finite natural resources even though the minerals can be reused.

It turns out there are many people who feel the same way! (That may be why you're here!)

I just want to facilitate this whole thing happening. My vision is to have bins where people can drop their batteries AND (super duper important part here) make sure they are properly recycled.

So we are building battery recycling projects that are worthwhile and fun, including ideas such as our battery chutes, drop-off areas, decorated collection cups and bins. Whoever would think that waste batteries could inspire such an outpouring of community creativity?

We are the hands to make goodness work. I hope you will reflect on your own gifts and talents, and send a note. Perhaps you can contribute something to forward this necessary project.

Cynthia Frame-Endres

Board of Directors

Cynthia Frame-Endres, President
Founder of Coalition of Positively Charged People
Gary Carrel, Vice President
Solid Waste Recycling Specialist, Erie County
Mike Lieber, Treasurer
Technology & Engineering Educator
Maura Duffey, Secretary
Nurse Practitioner, Art Educator
Amy Hulse, Member
Education Specialist, PTA leader
Pat Whalen, Member
Director, Niagara Global Tourism Institute
The Coalition of Positively Charged People
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Recycling alkaline batteries seems so simple, but get ready to find out about...

Mines. Mercury. Laws you may be breaking. Product stewardship. Uneven playing fields. Fertilizer.

All this and more will be included as the website grows. Look around, see what you can find.  

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